What is Ball Class?

Program for athletes to develop as players and educates them on the college recruiting process. we develop players through our flag football program, individual training sessions, and our online app. The Ball Class web app develops the mental aspect of the game through visual examples and testing modules. We also host showcases and recruiting events.

Registration open for the Winter Season!

Benefits of Ball Class Flag Football:

Sponsored by NFL Flag

Winning teams will receive championship rings Guaranteed 6 games

NFL reversible sublimated jerseys

Opportunity to participate in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL FLAG Regional and National Tournament (NFL Pro Bowl)

No hidden fees or costs

Practices 1 hour prior to games

Middle School Flag Registration is Available

After school flag football for middle school is here. The cost covers practices leading up to the big tournament between our schools on December 3rd. Each participant will receive a t-shirt.  Registration today! 

Need help paying for a sports program?

This program removes the financial obstacle of participation.  They encourage families to apply four times per year, per kid, allowing for multi-sport experiences and kid choice.